Port Moresby
The capital of Papua New Guinea is oriented more towards Australia than to its own country, although one still finds all the ethnic groups in the city. It is the only point of access by air into the country, an essential crossing point, justifying a visit of at least half a day, or even longer. The National Museum and the orchid gardens of orchids are well worth a visit ! The traditional villages in the surrounding area are also interesting jaunts if one wants to get out of town.
Advised length of stay : from 1/2 day to 1 day and a half.
Highlights : a rapidly changing economic capital, ethnic make-up, Museum, orchid garden.


Sited on the ocean coastline, the peaceful town of Madang is an place to relax in Papua New Guinea with attractive excursions to neighbouring islands and/or villages of traditional potters. It is also a place renowned for the quality of its seabed.
Advised length of stay : from 1 to 3 days.
Highlights: peacefulness, Islands nearby, Manam volcano...


There are several attractions in the largest port in the country, particularly in terms of wildlife. For example, between December and March, one can watch the nesting of the leatherback turtles. It is also from here that one leaves for expeditions to more challenging and isolated regions such as Aseki or Menyamya.
Advised length of stay : between 1 and 3 days.
Highlights : the country's largest sea port, expedition departures, fauna and flora, leatherback turtle nesting place.