equipeFounded in 2012, the agency Travel in Papua New Guinea is the fruit of extensive reconnaissance and travel in the country, creating trips and tours guided by Philippe Gigliotti since 1997.
Philippe started developing local structures, "receptive"., so that he could then develop his own tours and activities, organizing trips that were then sold by French tour operators.
Quickly, in order to meet increasingly diverse expectations, we started building up an extensive network of partners, friends and collaborators specialized in : bird watching, diving, seaside...
Following the increasing number of requests for a la carte travel, we decided to create a structure in France that would directly support these tailor-made trips.
Travel in Papua New Guinea remains a small agency, managed primarily by Fily and Philippe Gigliotti. In addition to the two founders, the agency team now inlcudes 4 additional persons, including 3 PNGeans guides and a French-speaking guide. Not to mention of course our many local partners, guides, drivers, hoteliers, carriers...


Gigliotti Services,
173, Rue Carnot
38730 Virieu on Bourbre
SARL with a capital of 7500 EUR
RC Vienna 539 328 708
Travel agents registry : IM038120013
Hiscox insurance : RCP0224467
Warranty APS
Intra-Community TVA : FR 43 539 328 708
Managers: Fily and Philippe Gigliotti.

Founded by a Frenchman whose heart lies in Papua New Guinea, Travel in Papua New Guinea offers a discovery of Papua New Guinea that takes the visitor closer to the New Guineans, through journeys where village immersion is essential, where the traveller is immersed into the culture of his/her hosts, where the journey adapts to local life.
The first trips, organized on the basis of Philippe's personal experience and friendships, hardly ever used hotels, remaing as close as possible to the local populations, Homestays. While remaining as faithful as possible to this concept, the offer has since been enlarged : trips have become more 'comfortable '., more 'organised', but also more varied.
But the most important thing is for our hosts' traditional knowledge to remain the highlight of our stays, the richness of their culture and the warmth of PNG society.
Our philosophy : to offer real encounters with the people, beyond the exotic image of the Papuans, and enable them to benefit directly from our visit.
All our trips take you to places we know well, where we know people, friends, places we have fallen in love with, in order to offer you a personal discovery of Papua New Guinea, the way we like it !


François and Jacqueline Laplace (Saint Herblain): Island hopping - November 2012

Second trip to Papua New Guinea to explore the Islands : four islands and each time a different culture and new landscapes. The paradisiacal places in New Ireland were superb. In New Britain we were particularly interested in the feography oif the island and Tarvurvur volcano, the history of the second world war in the Pacific and the impressive fire dances.
The remote Normanby Island was a wonderful opportunity for us to discover the primary forest with its rose woods and birds of paradise.
And then finally the Trobriand isles, were we stayed in a village and shared the life of the locals for a few days.
Everywhere, hospitality, thoughtfulness, generosity ! Dances, songs ! Everywhere the happiness of meeting and Exchanging with the local populations.
Thanks Philip for this extraordinary adventure into the world of the Papuans.
Many thanks to Nicole our guide, so competent and so attentive in the manner she told us about the culture of her country.


Annick COLLADO and Marc Lambert (AURIOL): Mountains, Indigenous arts and the beaches of Papua – October 2012

This trip was a real adventure that has remained embedded in our minds, It was full of emotions. We were amazed by the beauty and diversity of the countryside, delighted with the encounters we made, truly , spontaneous, and simple.

The villagers on the bus, on the tracks, are happy, generous, a joy for us. Although there were a few unexpected events, our guides did everything they could for us and we are very grateful to them, We were pampered, and our guides were always full of energy, joy and generosity.
We were also impressed, especially , by the, very beautiful houses of the spirits on the SEPIK River where there are extraordinary sculptures, which for some, are genuine works of art, then by the crocodile men. It was also very moving to be able to simply share moments in the lives of these people.
We will remember this for the rest of our lives, really. Thank you PHILIPPE.



Gullermo Farregut (Canada) : “festivals, Mountain body ornaments and the indigenous arts of Papua New Guinea, New Ireland” Seven 2012

my testimony would go like this:
“Philippe enabled me to discover a very diverse people , exciting and engaging, bright colors, full of traditions and talent.”


Martine Levy and Daniel Le Guillou (France) : “festivals, Mountain body ornaments and the indigenous arts of Papua New Guinea, New Ireland” Seven 2012

“We had been wanting to visit Papua for some time, the people, their traditions, their sculptures ; our meeting Philippe Gigliotti made this project, this dream, come true.
Philippe was our guide. His knowledge of the country, the quality of the relationships he has with the Papuans made this trip – Goroka show in New Ireland through the Highlands and the Sepik – an authentic “discovery”.
Logiostics are of course esential for a trip of this nature , but the acceptance of (many) unexpected events (No aircraft, impassable airstrip, a collapsed bridge on the one and only road, closed guesthouse , etc.) were also a feature of the trip. Papua welcomes travelers, not tourists !
We will retain especially the discovery of the Papuan lifestyles, their artistic expressions, both perennial and longlasting”


Michel and Edith Dubler (Switzerland) : Mountains and the Indigenous Arts of Papua , July 2012

“A trip to Papua ? A folly according to some friends. For us it was no question about it: we just had to go and explore this country, its population and share a little of their daily lives in the villages. We came home excited about all the discoveries we had made. Beautiful landscapes, among other things the ascent of the Tavurvur volcano , a very welcoming people, not to mention vivid ancestral customs such as dances, sculptures, etc. A jounrey we would recommend to all those seeking the out-of-the-ordinary because they will share a little bit of the lifestyles of the various Papuan tribes”.


François and Jacqueline Laplace (France)

“One day, a dream came true : It's a journey out of the ordinary to Papua New Guinea! This exceptional trip we owe to the Papuans themselves who are an extremely freindly people as well as Philippe Gigliotti our guide.
In this country that is said to be dangerous, Philippe enabled us to discover, safely, ethnic groups and their traditions. He shared with us his in-depth knowledge of the country and helped us actually meet with Papuans thanks to his network of friends. Moreover, We have found to be the ideal guide, adapting to the present moment depending on the circumstances and engaging in a form of solidarity and sustainable tourism.
We visited the region of the Sepik river with magnificent houses of spirits decorated with beautiful sculptures and then the region of the Highlands, land of the Hulis, wigged men, without forgetting Goroka festival. Following this, our journey took us to the village of Dahani at Foe who welcomed tourists for the first time and then Sugu, an isolated village in the Khaluli tribes' Bosavi region.
An unforgettable trip!”


Daniel Loescher (France)

“The first trip was exceptional. The respect that Philippe has for local populations has enabled him to make numerous contacts, all of whom efficient, patient, caring and eager to discover their beautiful country. Thanks to them, We are able to attend rare and wonderful events.
It was not possible not to return. This is what I did on two other occasions, continuing with Philippe my exceptional discoveries. I do not intend to leave it at that.
This is a real chance to meet all the people that Philippe has made friends with. His desire to share his knowledge of his multiple stays in Papua is a treasure not to be missed.
Logistically, The less comfortable stays always include a night in a nice hotel so that we may relax and get ready for new adventures. Note that during my three visits, No one was ever ill.”


Marie Davis (France)

“Papua New Guinea, It is an array of men, islands, ethnic groups, culture and festivals : travelling with an agency that promotes human contacts and relationships is a privilege. I went on one of these trips and, I went again because it was a way for me to discover a world that is both so different and so close . Papau New Guinea is a demanding country, requiring visitors to be prepared for unexpected events, surprises, and changes of plan ; Philippe and his team know the country, relational networks and their resources. This is a constantly reassuring in a country where there is still so much to discover…”


Michel Chasse (France)

“There is not one Papua but several Papuas... What does a Huli village houses surrounded by high walls hiding them from the outside world and where men stay separate / from women with a Kaluli village where all the houses overlook the village square ? Or even the Sepik ? Still another world to discover in New-Ireland.... Thanks to Philippe for those windows that you open using your knowledge of the country and the men... We will not forget this night of hunting the crocodile on the Sepik or Kaluli dances in the community home or....
Will we go back ? Of course, There's surely still a lot to see...”







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